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The date:  Saturday, 9 December 2006

The time:   6:00pm onwards

The place: We'll be at our old favourite The Old Explorer - either on the ground floor or downstairs in the basement, wherever we can find somewhere to sit.

We're not planning to go to a restaurant afterwards and the Old Explorer doesn't always serve food  (they keep changing their minds) so if you come along you might want to make sure you grab a sarnie along the way.

Please note that being a Saturday, The Old Explorer is bound to be extremely busy and it might be more difficult than usual to find each other.  If you have not met us before and would like us to look out for you, it might be an idea to drop us a mail, ideally by Thursday, 7 December.

How to get there:

On Oxford Circus, look for the corner where clothes shop H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is.  Walk past it up Regent Street (not Oxford Street), past Garfunkels, take the first left (Great Castle Street) and at the end of the street in the righthand corner is The Old Explorer.


How to recognise each other: Like every time we'll probably have to rely on you lot recognising us from the pics on the About Us page or this page with pics of previous gatherings. And as usual, you are welcome to stick a printout of one of the web pages on your forehead or come in a wolf's costume, wear a pit helmet and some lovely socks or sport an 80s perm (strangely enough, no-one has ever resorted to such drastic measures - yet). When looking for us, don't miss out on some little "nichey" places in the back of the basement area which is where we sometimes hide. Of course, if you know you'll be coming along and you want to drop us a mail, at least we'll know to look out for you.

As always, we hope you can make it!   We know it's daunting to meet a bunch of people you've never met before, but rest assured, we're no nutters (well, maybe there's an exception or two...) and if you want to bring along a friend/friends you're more than welcome to!


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