When Guy Curran was a teenager he led a street gang into petty crime, and he was loved by Leonora, whose middle class background was a world away from his own tough life. Their young love thrived, despite the objections of Leonora's family who disapproved of her unsuitable boyfriend.

As the years passed and fortunes changed they drifted apart, but Guy's feelings for Leonora never wavered. He always believed that she would come back to him.When she does, it's to tell him that she has a new love. But Guy cannot accept the truth. His obsession with a fairytale romance deepens. And a murderous madness begins to take hold of him...


Part One

Guy Curran (James Callis) and Leonora Chisholm (Josephine Butler) first met when Leonora was a schoolgirl, hungry for experience, and Guy, Danny Danilo (Daniel Caltagirone) and Linus Pinedo (Hosh Ibrahim) were the rebellious Dream Traffic. Guy and Leonora were young lovers for three years, even though her 'civilised' middle-class family disapproved of her arrogant boyfriend. But after Linus' tragic death whilst high on drugs supplied by Guy, the young couple parted.... .

Five years later, Guy and Leonora meet again.  He has become wealthy through unconventional business ventures, while Leonora has been to university, landed her first job and shares a shabby bed-sit with her friend Rachel Lingard (Rebecca Craig).  She agrees to a regular Saturday lunch date with Guy, who telephones her daily, despite having a relationship with stunning model Celeste (Inday Ba).

At Leonora's birthday party, Guy gets angry when he is ridiculed by Leonora's family. He becomes convinced that they are trying to turn her away from him because of his past. He tells his old friend Danny, who has also become rich and powerful, but in an altogether more sinister business. Danny says that if Guy wants anyone "disappeared", he can arrange it.

Later, Guy sees Leonora with a man. At their next lunch he quizzes her. She admits that William (Rick Warden) is her boyfriend, that she is in love with him and they intend to marry. Guy erupts into anger and makes wild threats.


Part Two

Guy and Celeste go to a party where Leonora's brother Robin (Jack Tanner) is also a guest. Robin taunts Guy and they fight. Guy threatens to kill him. He then tells Danny that he wants Robin killed.

Guy is lunching with Leonora when they receive the news that Robin has been the victim of a hit-and-run accident and is in hospital. Guy panics.

Leonora's mother (Kate Lynn Evans) asks Guy to leave Leonora alone, revealing the date of the wedding and the fact that Leonora's flatmate Rachel knows all about Linus's death. Guy realises that he has taken out a contract on the wrong person.

Guy is invited to supper with Leonora and William. When he learns that they will be moving away after the wedding, Guy gets angry and, seeing a pair of decorative swords adorning the wall, challenges William to a duel.


Part Three

Guy and William fight, but as William is a fencing champion he soon overpowers Guy. He realises how unfair he is being to Celeste, and tries to forget Leonora. But Leonora seeks him out and agrees to spend the whole day with him the following Saturday. Despite Celeste's devastation, Guy is overcome with happiness and asks Danny to call off all contracts.

Saturday arrives and Guy waits for Leonora. She stands him up. Drunk and in a towering rage, he tries unsuccessfully to find her. He confronts her mother, who tells him that the wedding took place that day and that Leonora and William are now en route for their honeymoon. The news is the final straw…