10/24/99 08:54:24 PM


Well, truly lost for words. Thanks so much for setting me up a virtual home, which I admit I have visited a few times now and I should say hi to Rikki, Kate, Anna, Heather, Connie, are there any more of you?  I don't want to be rude and not include anyone, but your names do seem to appear with alarming, disarming regularity.

At present I am in Turkey filming Jason and The Argonauts... suprise suprise I play a long haired sidekick, who's interest in his sister's love affair costs him a stake through the heart as I charge towards her on horseback (filming that bit next week).  As for 2nd series of S,C,&R&R, God only knows, but if it does go ahead it will film approx Feb/March and probably won't be out until the next millenium.

Thank-you so much for all the time you have put in to make this website so much fun for me to navigate my way around, I can only hope you hardcore lupines don't get too lonely, and that this virtual candle doesn't get snuffed out by web-malaise, or the fact there may be ever decreasing numbers of you to talk too... catch up when I get back from Turkey.

P.S:   I WOULDN'T SUBJECT MY WORST ENEMY TO 10 HOURS OF SOLDIER SOLDIER (dubbed "Sailor Sailor", by the time I was in it).

P.P.S:   I have made a short film (last year) called Surety and if my sales agents find the print I'll try and work out a way of getting out on the net, so to speak....  probably won't be for a while as I am practically internetillterate.

James xxxxxx