15/10/00 07:41 PM



Dear all,

The days are getting shorter the nights are getting longer, it rains quite a bit - IT'S FREEZING.  I've recently moved and the guy who lives above me is in severe need of having his stereo system shoved up his arse. What else? Bought a bicycle, fascinating, fascinating. Work wise I have just made the briefest of appearances in a tv show called AS IF and am currently filming Victoria and Albert (playing Albert's brother Ernest) I say practically nothing and I look... well I'm just hoping you all miss it and then maybe this website may stay running a bit longer than it would... Got in himmel wast else?

Well guys thanks as ever for providing me a virtual home on line, and as ever I hope that u r well and healthy and happy as for beginners luck well its elusive I'll tell you that much, but soon soon. I 'll blip in b4 xmas

Keep the faith

love James xxxxxxxxxx