12 March 2001 15:41 PM


Dear all,

How about this for ludicrously short notice..... There is going to be a screening of Beginner's Luck (The film I made and am in with Stephen Berkoff and Julie Delpy) at the Curzon Cinema Shaftesbury Avenue at 10.30 a.m this wednesday the 14th March. London England.

Do any of you all want to come or think you could skive off a morning at work?.... If you are thinking of coming could you email sally@angeleye.co.uk   as there are only a number of seats and we should know if they are going to be filled (... I am dashing now or I would write more and shall write more after the screening. News in brief I'm playing a bit of a swine in As if god knows what ep.   and thanks to this website found out about trailer of BJD  (so thanks again)

Love to you all can't tell you how exited it makes me to be able to write this kind of message.

Next time I will give more notice I promise.

Keep well.

If you arrive at the screening just say you're a lupine I'm sure they'll understand.

Bye 4 now  Take Care, as ever

James  xxxxxx