31 March 2001 09:52 AM


La Nouvelle!


Dear All,

It's Saturday morning. I got back from Delhi (note no beaches!!) a few days ago and cringed my way through As If AAARGHHHH!! Have seen the trailer to BJD and read a few preview articles on da web, most say that the "friends" are given short shrift in the film (couldn't agree more) but one web site quoted something I do as " the best bit in the film" I didn't even pay them any money.... Is there a sequel? Apparently Renee's been approached and so has Kate Winslet... sadly I have not been approached as yet, but maybe they'd like me to take over from where Hugh left off (As if)

It was lovely to meet both Rickie and Pippa and hope to meet more of you anon.

On that point thank you so much Pippa for a very good and balanced review of the film (what on earth are you doing in the Geography dept.?)

So that screening, well it was tres positive. Icon (that's Mel Gibson's company ) have emailed me to say that they are very interested in taking on Beginner's Luck internationally and will enter discussions with me after Mip (A t.v. buyers and sellers market in Cannes).

It now remains for us to find a small scale U.K. distribution deal and we will try to premiere the film at this Years Edinburgh Film Festival.

Andrew Cartmell (the guy who wrote the cheeky message) was really at Uni with me and was to my mind, always cheerful, kind and friendly (a very odd student indeed!)- so I probably will get in touch to appear on his show, ...any ideas as to what it's like?

So that's about all I'm off to my first premiere on the 4th in London and the 6th in Dublin for B.J.D. should be a hoot.

It remains for me to say keep well to all of you and yours. Thanks for the support. B.T.W there will probably be another screening of B.L. on the 10th of April (not sure on the venue, but will tell you all soon).

Enjoy the sun (whilst it lasts)

Love from London James xxx