25 April 2001 10:30 AM




Firstly trying to use new smileys, if this gets posted with a colon dash D at the top, then I've got it wrong and will some kind charitable tecchy tell me how it's done.

So the news, well thanks as ever for maintaining the air space in such style... I am currently, intermitantly (?) filming in Stoke-on-Trent, in a new drama series for Carlton called Blue Dove... and will be doing so until August.  Since I have only seen 2 out of the proposed 8 scripts I can't really tell you what I'm like, I arrived late (the rest of the cast has been in place for weeks/months, and they sat me down and asked me/grilled me on why it was my character was so despicable? I remember saying " Errr.. it's the script, it's not me, these are the lines I have been given... I'm an actor, ACTING the part, you see?"

It's a weird thing but when you play a character especially on a t.v / film set people kind of think you are the character, when I was playing an idiot in Zimbabwe, the unit treated me like an idiot, doing B.J.D everyone naturally assumed I was gay, I told them I was married, they thought it was a ruse - Hugh in particular was quite stunned when towards the end of filming he found out I was "straight". When Colin said I was married, Hugh turned to me and said flatly "No you're not, you can't be...". And now in Stoke playing a bit of an M.F., everyone naturally assumes that I'm an outright bastard. C'est La Vie.

Alors What else? Sadly Hugh never told me the limmerick, but I'm sure that it was v. amusing and v.v.v.v filthy.

Probably going to Cannes for a few nights on the trail of B.L...

And spotted in the King's Road? What can I say? I was there, I'm not sure how sexy the jacket was or how yummy I was, just been to the doc, mandatory check-up every time you do a job for insurance purposes. It was the quickest check up in world history.

I'm asking myself would I pinch someone's bottom if I'd seen them on T.V.  It's certainly a novel way of introducing yourself.

The answer is probably no (don't men get arrested for that sort of thing?). But I'm sure it would make for a more lively and entertaining afternoon... Perhaps on reflection we should all get slightly more frazzeled.

Well, not so much else to report. Thanks again and again to Rikkie and Kate for the site and to you all for continuing to drop by for a chat.

Take Care, I'll mail from Stoke


James xxx