20/08/2001 11:33 AM


Dear all,

Long time no surf. Just come back from Stoke on Trent n' BLUE DOVE can r.i.p .....t.g.

So "Lupines?"  Yes wolflike also applicable is "Vulpines" which is really wolflike the former referring to a canine genus (not necessarily a wolf, but in this case as mentioned ok etc.etc.)

Next on the agenda, advice to wannabbe starlets: Most agents worth half their salt won't take someone on to their books via a recommendation only. They have to "calibrate" the talent they may represent. To this end, many won't even be interested in showreels (although if you have one, it may procure you a meeting but again not necessarily representation). One thing they say again and again is "where can I see your work?".  So the general idea is to get on stage, a production of some kind at any fringe venue where u can showcase your talents.  I believe in synchronisity, and agents do go to the theatre.  I myself have recommended a few friends whose work I know and enjoy to my agent, and on only one ocassion out of several has he taken someone on.  I think the thing to remember if u can is that nobody said it was going to be fair and no-one said it was going to be easy, and that if you really want it enough it will happen, u will make it happen.  Good Luck.

And now to epilogue, just got back from Paris, a stag weekend which was terrific and I suppose if I'm arch enough to say it (and I think I am) I'm resting at the moment luvs. Which as all of u know is anything but... Still several things in the ether and I'm sure I'll become attached to one of them in the none too distant future.

I hope u r well and happy and healthy and this obviously extends to your families, kids and Husbands et al. Thanks 4 beaming in and I'll be back on a broadband cable v. soon... Enjoy the last days of summer....


James xxxx