13/09/2001 11:07 AM

There are no words

There are no words, but we shall find some, inadequate as they are to express our untold grief and disbelief, our sickness and our boiling anger.

Any-one in the whole world who has a mind to destroy (anything) and puts that "mind" to work, can accomplish their goal. We have been hearing about the planning of this act against man and God and Life itself, how intricate it all was etc. 

But actually, how easy to blow up buildings especially with years of planning?

Building structures takes real work, real commitment to the future:- hospitals, schools; Diplomacy not bomb-making is a truer test of reaching out of your own circle to touch the lives of others and universally improve your (plural) lot...

So these madmen who claim to uphold the rights and respects of several communities whom we know not of, uphold only the enormous vanity of wanting their unspeakable names to go down in History for this atrocity.

Their claims to be freedom fighters, or fighters for conscience, are completely counterfeit. The people who they claim to support will only find misery and terror from their slight association with these animals and I hope that those responsible are hunted down like rats, for they have shown no mercy and no humanity.

Who knows whether there will be justice or vengeance or both. The Free World has been attacked and it must retaliate and no one is any position to dictate to the U.S on what kind of scale this retribution will take place.

I say God Bless America, each and every one. Our hearts and prayers our tears and our respect, our hope and good-wishes and love we send across the atlantic...

We cannot wait to be brought out of this darkness.   It is us, you and me, the global community, who must motivate this change; each and every one of us by virtue of the fact that we are on the planet have a very real duty to look out for, to protect and nurture one another.  If we don't get this right, it will be our universal tragedy... But never forget - there is always hope and it is my belief that New York (infact the whole of the U.S.A) will rise like a phoenix from the ashes with determination and resolve to make a better day for one and all and will long continue to be a beacon of light shining forth across the free world.

Love and peace and hope,

James xxxxxx