11/11/99 09:31:07 AM


Shots of my knees?  Whatever next!

Back from Instanbul, having gone bezerky out in Turkey, to find that you're all still here... quelle surprise... filming will continue for Jason et al this December and on into January at Shepperton Studios. 

This week I am filming "pick-ups" for the feature film I am currently making with Nick Cohen (old friend & partner in crime).  We should be filming in Sussex and Dover this weekend, Paris next weekend and we have just found out that an extraordinarily kind backer is sending us off to Zanzibar to complete "Beginner's Luck".   All being well we should have it finished by the end of JAN 2000.. (from this email to God's ears!) .

Middle of next week I am reading a book on to tape "The flight of the Falcon" Daphne Du Maurier.. Has anyone read it?

And then for the millenium I am off to India to check up on some of my family over there...

P.S:   I checked out the mailing list and found that you were planning to get something "functional for me for XCrimbo".  All I can say is that it is the thought that counts and don't waste your hard-earned dough on me...  I will never appear in any advert whatever where I have to turn to camera and declare simperingly "Because I'm worth it!"...  I'm so not... 

So, more news as it happens, keep well all, I'll probably be back on-line mid Dec after I get back from Zanzibar...

James xxx