09/10/2001 17:54 PM


Achtung! Achtung!

It's been some while, It seems the globe hasn't collapsed quite yet...maybe civilization will hold out until the 18th Nov and the celebrated screening of our film?

So how r u all in the light of the apocalypse? I sincerely hope that u r all well, healthy and I would say happy but 4 now how about - "not too depressed" ?...

I am writing to u from the Dub, which is going along swimmingly.

Not much else to report as I haven't read the messages as yet... Infact to be honest I'm suprised and dare I say it heartened that you're all still dropping in.. What can I say? Thank-you/You're all Barmy/etc.....

Any way careless talk costs lives and since the editor has just seen me tapping away on his terminal I think mine might be in danger unless I commit myself to radio silence 4 the future of this session. I will beacon in soon with more nouvelles. Sorry to quote that paragon of daytime "ouch" T.V. but as Jerry says "Take Care of yourselves and each other"

Love Kisses Hugs and Rolls of sound tape
James xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx