19/11/2001 15:36 PM


Dear all,

I'm always threatening, when I meet you to write a longer mail. Sadly not this time again.

FIRST THINGS FIRST THANK YOU X 10000000000000000 for coming to see the film. It was really great to see you all there, and I'm glad and relieved that you all got safely home without mugging any-one on the way! So not only are the posse wise and witty, attractive and charming - they're also intrepid. Thanks again and again especially for not asking potentially lethal questions in the deadly Q and A.   I hope the pic's turn out well.

The reason for my brevity, is that I literally just got this call that I'm off to Seville domani A viva espagne etc.etc. to be the spanish baddy in a sky show called Relic Hunters (Indiana Jones meets Playschool) that's me obviously not the t.v. show. So until the next gathering HASTA LA VISTA Las chicas and Wayne -who deserves the special order of merit for being the only man amongst you still smiling despite having been hauled to Brixton at Gunpoint.

Adiois Muchacho's Love James xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx