10/02/2002 14:55 PM

Long time no surf

Dear all

Firstly thousands of apologies for not beaming in earlier. I am writing to you from Delhi, I escaped London last week and am here for about two more weeks. So I'm in a cybercafe Indian Style, it's not what one would call private, but it works. In Christmas I was in France with my parents for a few days. Christmas Day there was a flood, a big flood, my Grandmother almost got lifted out of her room down the stairs. The next few days were spent mopping up. Fun Fun Fun.

Otherwise things have been quiet. It seems Beginner's Luck is, I repeat; is: I say again because I can... is coming to the cinema in The U.K in June. At the moment 1 cinema in London as yet I don't know which one, but it's a start and as I'm sure you can appreciate Nick and I share feelings which are a mixture of relief and contentment. So at present I and more importantly the screen are being stared at by quite a few nosey-parkers and sadly in this set up it seems inappropriate to tell them exactly where to go! Coupled with the fact that they may not understand. Ho -hum. I have read some of the messages and I am sorry for all of you for whom life officially ( or unofficially or otherwise perhaps illegally immorally, ammorally [my particular favourite] or a la jerry springer "Whatever!?") sucks at the moment.

It may not feel like it, normally quite the contrary but "Everything in life is an opportunity", that's all I will say You'll have to forgive me all but I have been reading "Thus Spake Zarathrustra" and it's quite an eye-opener.

So vast else? Lots of curry and seeing family I haven't seen since last year. and that really is about it. I'm writing (have written) a screenplay and am now in the process of re-draughting (actually re-thinking since new thoughts haven't as yet crystalized into words on the page as yet). So to all of you I'm sorry I wasn't near a terminus at the appropriate time to wish u a v.v.v merry xmas and a happy and healthy New Year. So in signing off now I will say "Namaste" Keep well keep chins up and as someone said though I doubt it was a yogi, " Don't let the Bastards get you down!" whoever they may be 2 u. Om shantii. Love James. xxxxx

P.S Spell checker is being tempramental and taking an ffing eon to load so sod it, please accept this mail as it appears illiterally on your screen.