24/06/2002 15:24 PM

Out of Orbit, Back in the Loop(ines)

Dear ALL,

Well I've just landed back in the country after celebrating my Birthday in New York, 31 and never been there b4 criminal!!

Arrive back and lo and behold the site's still up and running, you're all still talking and meeting, and so I haven't really been missed at all, which is exactly how it should be!

I hope that you are well and are welcoming in the Summer (if it ever comes ) with open arms! So what Have I been doing, well not an awful lot. A few radio plays "From Here to Eternity" (broadcast next week) and planning the release of Beginner's Luck so that the next movie(s) can go into pre-production, which they should have done but kind of haven't just yet.

So Beginner's Luck, well I don't know if you know, but it opens Yes IT OPENS TO THE PUBLIC (GASP!!!) FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME (if you ignore the myriad of screenings, London and Berlin Film Festivals) in London on the 21st of June at The Odeon Panton Street (just behind Leicester Square). It has been a long time coming. But the hour is almost upon us!! A new print, a slightly different cut and a new dub (so people can hear it this time!)

We've got some great reviews in What's On, Loaded, Hot Dog, Film Review and I'm sure we've got our unfair share of stinkers, but that can't be helped. So will you do me a favour?  Any one you know or have the vaguest contact with could you appeal to them to part with a few quid to see a really rather different uplifting Brit Flik, opening on 21st June and probably playing for no more than one week.

Beginner's Luck needs all the press it can get and a few (or rather a considerable amount of) bums on seats would also B good! Use your feminine wiles and guiles... everything short of muggings and threatening phone calls that can so often back fire (and aren't that feminine anyway).... so wayward friends tell me.... Other than that it looks like the Good Ol' U.S of A maybe supplying me with some much needed work and all being well I am off to Lala Land end of July.

Whilst I'm in town and b4 I go when is the next Old Explorer get together?

Please Keep Well,

Love to all, when I'm out of the office, I'll have more time to write something slightly less craven and ever so slightly more conscious xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Love the new Smilies!!!

James xxx