30 September 2002 19:02

Tempus Fugit!

Dear All,

Long time no surf. Just arrived back from 2 and a bit months in Malta. If only more jobs could be like the last. It was blistering hot most days which would have been fine if I wasn't wearing bronze armour, shield, helmet etc etc. But Malta was beautiful parts quite magnificent, like the Harbours seen from Valletta, which is something else again. The Maltese were charming, owing so it would seem, their manner more to the Sicilians than the Libyans (Malta lies between the 2). And perhaps even more strange; - they really like the British!! And rather than wishing to dissuade them from the delusion that we're all rather polite and pleasant, I kept schtum and just put down their poor judgement to a very open generosity rather than eschew it as naive and latterly misinformed. In fact Helen of Troy -- "Hot" here after, was really mostly a blast courtesy of the club 18-30 like party we had on the side, friends made there over numerous Vodka red bulls and mad disco lights... Diving (am now open water padi or something)... Visiting historic sites, taking a boat to Gozo, sunbathing in the glorious heat surrounded by a gleaming sea, swimming, water skiing, great restaurants, it goes on and on, fun, fun, fun... Then there was the Filming...

Which was something else entirely. I will never get used to wearing a toga or roman sandals ever! The sets were stunning and enormous and there was a lot of fighting. I mean a lot. Helen of Troy, well what can I say? Not a lot really, lots of running about cutting peoples heads off with broadswords, sitting in the Trojan Horse, o'course. And then sliding down ropes and throwing Javelins and sitting on a horse (a real one) admittedly if the horse had been going any slower we would have been going backwards etc. So I'm not sure what it will look like, but have no fear cos they really made me look foul in this one! For the first month and a half several of the other actors would enquire why, when I had nice hair, I was wearing a wig? I was 2 furious to reply that I wasn't!!! Hair and make up vis/ Kiss o'death! Any how mustn't grumble. No idea what's next, do I ever? Enjoying being back in the manor so to speak, lots 2 catch up on.

I trust u r all well, and have had a suitably distracting summer. Will catch up when I've got more 2 goss about. Have fun, whatever u do.

Love James xxx