12/21/99 09:23:33 AM


Golly, hardly know where to begin...

Let me just say first up that the website is a phenommenon...  I genuinely wish I had more time either to stay tuned for longer or alternatively to develop the faculty to actually use these machines with confidence.... Ehue fugaces (alas the fleeting days), I kind of feel that I know you (the hard coreres - and you know who you are...).  I have read through the message board and travelled with you since late October, I have been party to practically all the goss....  I have smiled at the thought of all of you meeting up, because I believe you make quite a witty and boisterous posse...  I have read with worry about too much work, inane boredom and job losses, only to be heartened by job creations and the end of the flu...  so I'm kind of taking my leave here, as I'm off to Delhi for Christmas and the New Year and I'm back around the 10th or the 15th of Jan 2000.

Zanzibar was mesmeric, actually I was on an island called Pemba (one of a few islands surrounding and collectively known as Zanzibar).  Pemba is the home of Voodoo and I was living in a tent on the beach... consequently bitten alive every night to the sound of distant drums by every category of insect that in our world were mercifully made extinct some 500,000 years ago...  But despite the malaria pills it was magnificent.  I think we got some great footage for "Beginner's Luck", hopefully by the time it is completed we won't have changed the title to "jaded old hands"...  because let me tell you, darlings, quite frankly filming can be a joy but editing is a soul-destroying nighmare, and we have been editing for well on 6 months, and every weekend doing more filming, such is the lot of a independent (low budget) producer.

Hey-ho....Well I have rambled rather too liberally and I'm going to sign off now.  SO TO ALL:-

(As they say "'tis the season to get dunk etc.etc.")


Will log on in mid Jan '00.

lots of love