4 May 2003 - 18:39h

i can't get no... SCIENCEFACTION!

Dear Lupines.

I was trying to write u all a message about 2 nights ago in Vancouver when the Ice Hockey Team there "The Canucks!!!" had just beaten Minnesotta. When the Canucks win, the town as a whole forgets their rather stayed responsibility to decorum and overt politeness, their very essence as Canadians (perhaps) and they go collectively RAVING FFING BONKERS. You cannot think for the noise of screaching cars, screaming horns, screaming kids, adults be-decked in Canadian Flags or Canuck Colours disrupting traffic. Thousands of People descend into the streets and go totally APE!!!!-

SO i was trying 2 write u all from the internet cafe but I just had to give up. I could not think at all let alone straight.

So I'm in La for a brief meet up with some friends b4 going back 2 complete Biffuddlestir Gollyactica.

I've never done Science fiction b4. Jumping into spaceships is a lot of fun but It's strange and slightly dislocating being in Vancouver. I feel like I was in London and someone just beamed me up there.... star trek stylie. I'm sure I'll get used to Hyperspace.. watch this space... Most of my scenes are with an actress called Tricia Helfer, quite lovely 2 look at if slightly on the taller side... I'm sure all will be revealed when the show comes out in December... 4 all of us in Blighty and beyond it'll take a bit longer...

So it is the summer time!!! Enjoy and take care... Not all that much 2 report as the planet I was living on has just been blown up.... oh well..... Be good 2 one another. Keep Healthy and Happy I'm sure I'll beacon in with some more suitable nonesense soon.

ps (still such a buzz 4 me to contact u all on this site, feel I'm not so alone in d'universe-- so extra thanx 2 Rikkie and Kate and of course u hard core Lupo's -u know who u are)...

Love, Space rings and star dust
James xxxxxxx