13 June 2004 - 18:21h

Lost in Space

Dear all,

Sorry to have been out of contact so long.
I have been and am in Vancouver a ce mo
Filming the first series of Battlestar Galactica
which is a lot of fun. I finish filming at the end of september and should be back in London after that.
Went up to whistler a few days ago (Mountain range north of Vancouver) absolutely magnificent!
When the sun shines this place is pretty fantastic. When it rains (75 to 80 per cent of the time) It's not.
They say the weather is like London, but I think it's different, in London we Know it's going to rain, we just sort of expect the weather to be bad, when it's sunny it's so unexpected we call it glorious... Here there is always the hope that the sun is going to shine at some point during the day so when it doesn't, to quote our Yankee Cousins"It Sucks! Big Time"
Probably off to Seattle, 4 a brief visit otherwise am on the Battlestar, where at almost every twist and turn my character fears that the other characters will discover his part in the destruction of the planet. ...
Any Road all that fun aside, Just thought I'd blip by to say hi, Keep well
Anon Love James xxx