20 August 2005 03:14h

Nanoo- Nanoo!

Dear All,

Sorry for being away for sooo long. But I suppose it's been hectic.

Firstly thanks for still taking an interest!! Where have I been? Vancouver Mostly. Filming Battlestar's 2nd season. Which will be rocking it's way to the U.K some time 2006 (I think) We're filming episode 11 -so 9 more to go. I'll be filming till december.

Big news is Neha and I have had another baby boy born aug 13th 7 past midnight. No name as yet and Thank God All well.

Apart from that filming for this show has been relentless. Not that the show was ever fluffy... So it's pretty dark all round. I arrived here in late March found a place to live near the sea...

Nick is filming his own horror movie in Australia called Voodoo Lagoon

The weather here is like the U.K (It rains) Summer has come for late june/july it may be over this weekend! Where-upon it will rain till When we come up with the name I will write in again which will be soon. So much happens in a day, it's hard to chart the course of months. B.C is a very laid back place and Vancouver is very cool. It is a great place to live and apart from being scenic and beautiful, it is also safe and very kid friendly.

Take Care all
Love kisses and Hugs
James xxxx