22 November 2005 - 21:25h

Longest time no surf

Dear all,

A very belated healthy and happy New Year!!!!!!

Forgive me for not writing sooner, but have been in a kind of limbo-driven state of hyper activity. Arriving back from India just b4 crimbo and then trying to climatize to being back in London effectively for the first since Febuary. I still have not seen my oldest pal! (which reminds me to ring him after I write u)

So - catching up with family and old buddies meanwhile waiting tentatively for a call from the U.S to say that Battlestar would go again and if so when??? And this means that you spend literally every day waiting to find out how long you've got left to spend in the country, which is mildly unsettling as in this instance a deadline would be welcome. Then there's all that home/busines stuff (bills, mainly!) to settle if your going to be spending most of your time outside the U.K... etc. And how do those mugs at the whatever ever it is depot of ineptitude/phone comp./council tax dep./electricity/gas board of the consumer incompetence division manage to get hold of u if there's a problem and u r thousands of miles away? I have a hunch I'm gonna find out...probably when I'm back in London after Nine Months! When I was In Canada Last I wanted to get this T shirt made which was to have on the front. "Not Responsible" and on the back "ever" It didn't get made, why? "Responsible " wouldn't fit across the chest. OMG

Any road. I think the last time I wrote I was in India. Wow. That feels like a lifetime away now. It was almost a life altering experience, in that if I'd been there another week I think I would have flipped out! The character I was playing was DARK, probably the nastiest , irredeemably Bad Evil etc. Filming was intense. There was something about living in this Palace for two months that was not so much surreal but rather like an alternate reality, like we were bound up in a spell. I think the film will be beautiful to look at. I read lots out there, mostly comparative studies of oriental mythologies, but that then led too an all but brief mind-expanding dalliance with quantum theory, they're linked. Infact if you subscribe to many a quantum theorist, you'd say everything is. That the Universe, and we in it are observeable only via our interactions. Maybe all this stuff will come in handy on the Battlestar (I'm probably light years behind!)

So Got back to London and promptly exorcised myself by hacking biblical beard and long dyed balck hair (dye still hasn't come out!) off. Look quite a bit younger. and feel it. This is the most time I've had with Joshua since he was born and it is a mighty treat. Every moment is a new opportunity for the experimentation of (his)play/(our)patinece. He's particularly fond of animals, Dogs "woo woo" - R No.1 and he has a penchant for dancing to hiphop - And just as he's getting settled here it looks like we'll be off to Vancouver maybe in April maybe sooner for I don't know how long!

So that is news ish upto date for now- KEEP WELL LOTS OF LOVE

James xxx