13 May 2006 16:43h

That's what happens when you end up in an alternate reality

Dear all,

So sorry I have been lost in space for so long.

Brief recap: when season two finished in Dec 05 we all landed up in London for a few months... It was pretty cold and it rained. Alot. I suppose being in Canada for pretty much nine months and having been in Vancouver on and off for the last 3 years -it was hard to assimilate -and London's pretty in your face here Vancouver is ineffably laid back. Still great to see family and friends and do London things (I did feel a bit like a tourist).

Then we left for India late January and although in the mean time I went to London -manchester and L.A in between, we were mainly in Delhi - which was a lot warmer than London. Otherwise now back in the house we rented last year which feels more like home than anywhere else.

Filming has begun with a vengeance. It's fun to catch up with the rest of the cast - it's like going back to school (fun-school) I feel very lucky, if slightly removed. I do wonder about the kind of life one potentially chooses - because mine does feel strange if not most of the time, then certainly quite a bit... So I act - but for the last 3/4 years I've been playing one particularly disturbed individual... he has highs and lows (mostly lows) so I spend my time in the scenes mostly manic with depression and guilt - add to the mix, hallucinations - etc. It's pretty strange

Personally I live on three continents - and I'd like to live on one! I live a kind of nomadic existence... sometimes in between somewhere and some place else I ask myself if this is the life I have chosen, if all this hither and thither and emotionally recorded angst whereby I make a living - is the life I have chosen or whether it has to some extent been created around me? I'm sure the answer is a balance of the two - but sometimes I think I could be in light comedy in the UK - and I'm not - did I chose the job or did the job chose me? - both answers are equally worrying... Luckily there is enough to do in any one day not to ruminate too much on questions without resolve... Certainly family and Kids are a lively wonderful distraction - in fact I'm being called now to take one of them out for a morning stroll

Keep well, Thank you for all your encouragement as always!
Lots of Love
James xoxoxoxoxox