24 November 2006 - 00:51h

Return from the Dark Side

Dear all,

So sorry to be incommunicado for so long - I could cite several reasons, not least being abducted by alien robots and tortured for half a season... after a while you just need to shut down or shut off - maybe I'm closer related to bears than wolves seeing as it seems I need time to hibernate!

But really filming and running around the world has been utterly hectic - from Vancouver to London to Atlanta and California rounding off in Toronto before filming again. You end up using alot of energy and then get to exhaust what you've got left on the kids! Never a dull moment - and winding up now for xmas.

Weather here - like it is over there only more rainfall! The show is pretty consuming - when you see it you'll know why - not all that much fun for the bad gaius! Eh tant pis! Out of sight is not out of mind, apologies for absence - but doesn't it make the heart grow fonder or isn't it supposed to - or something like that? love and kisses James xxx