6 October 2007 - 17:37h

Out of touch

Dear All,

yes I've been holidaying - In Italy mostly with the family - too many stories to tell - but all managed to get back to Vancouver safe and sound - which is a result!

we hired this villa - unfortuneately the lady who hired it too us, misrepresented her villa to us - in that she didn't tell us there was an industrial building site - literally next door! and her house was infested with scorpions- so we had to leave and go somewhere else - You can never be too careful!

otherwise I've skiped through lala land on my way back from Mexico and now back on Battlestar for what is ostensibly the last slog homeward bound. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Maybe a more down to earth job! Maybe not... I hear that I've been publicizing BSG on phonebooths in the U.K- ofcourse even having passed through London twice now - I have been unable to get a glimpse of myself! - (I know -that's why we have mirrors!)

I hope you had happy summer holidays - I need another holiday to get over the one we thought we were going to have - !

Otherwise really not so much to report (there never is really!)

Keep well and healthy and Happy

James xxx