2 March 2008 - 16:29h

How long exactly??

Dear all,

A thousand and one apologies. surprised and heartened that you are still here knocking about as they say! so very belated Happy New Year.

This last 12 months has been uber strange - literally not knowing from moment to moment what is going to happen next. I've certainly been in a lot of places - London, L.A, New York, Vancouver, Delhi, Amritsar - to name but a few... It's all to do with scheduling and for some reason this year whilst still contracted to Battlestar - because of one thing or another, I have had the most staggering amount of time off! It's a bit bewildering sometimes - and genuinely not as easy as it looks.

So I will shortly be going to New York again - apparently to be on Letterman with the rest of the cast from bsg - I think the Late Show EP we are in airs on March 19th - it feels exciting. Otherwise have been catching up on my skiing in Vancouver - surrounded by snowy peaks as it is. In fact I met this great Scottish couple - Stuart and Julie - in Whistler and promised to send them a copy of bsg season one - I entered their info on my phone - which when I got home had died and I had to reset - thus losing their info -- Hey it's an extreme long shot - but should they ever find out about this message it would be a pleasure to send them what I promised! I doubt they are holding their breath for a copy in Scotland - but I bet they are like " Oh sure he was gonna send us a dvd!!! As if!" then maybe "...Actors."

What else? well as everyone knows there was a strike! And as everyone knows it's off now and we'll go back to finish off the last installment sometime very soon... and then... Que sera - as they say! I have no idea what's next. Not yet. You've seen by now my new look - shaven and shawn.

I don't really have all that much to say - and since this is the first blip in - in so long I'll limit myself to sending love to you all before I self combust with over typing fatigue. I'll add to this in a couple of weeks time.

Take Care, Be Good and of course, if you can't be good, be careful...

Kisses James