3 June 2008 - 22:39h

Birthday Greetings

Wow - Tomorrow I'm 27 - again!

Dear all,

Happy Birthday greetings Here I am mit family in rainy Vancouver finishing off last season of Battlestar Who knows where or if the ship will land!

I hope you are all well and healthy and happy. To be honest I have been recovering from both food poisoning (picked up in New York- the day of the Letterman show). Then a stomach parasite I picked up in India. Gosh I was so low - for about two and a half months - couldn't understand why I was throwing up every morning - actually 'cos I was initially misdiagnosed with - "acid indigestion" - I lost so much weight I was being described as " Manorexic. But fully recovered now. t.g

Firstly then the Letterman show. Have to say it was a bit of Joke. I was in Hospital all night - given every test known to man - from Cat scans to chest xrays - blood tests etc. - and left hospital to go to the taping. They told me that due to the meds they had given me - I could become incontinent at ANY TIME - over the next two days - I just prayed that didn't coincide with my appearance of all two seconds on Dave's Show - although it may have been a comment on the show itself. TPTB wanted me to say something about a star in the states with an alcohol problem - I told them - that I didn't think it was funny - and that I wasn't prepared to slate someone I don't know - over an addiction issue - as personally - I think that's just mean - and I don't believe in making fun of people whose situation is beyond their own control...

Kindly the writers changed my line to some nonsense about space nuts - which after hospital and throwing up for 6 hours solid- I didn't have the energy to combat/change - and at least the line was mildly self deprecating rather than cutting someone- else's head off. But the whole thing was like - "why are we here?" David Letterman was too busy to speak to us. probably a good thing as I didn't have all that much to say to him. all I will say is that his studio is one of the coldest (as in temperature) I have ever been in. It was Freezing. Making me think that perhaps Dave is in reality one of the undead or a successful Vampire. Come to think of it there were no mirrors - and it was the "late show" as in at Night.... I think it might be dangerous for him to walk about in the open...

Whilst still ill (although I didn't know at the time - as I thought I had acid reflux!) I hosted Bear Mccreary's concert in l.a. It was an amazing blast. I even got to sing a song I'd written and Bear scored. It was more than intimidating to be on stage with such a renowned and talented set of musicians - making me think at the time that I was kind of Masquerading- a musical imposter no less - but the crowd went ballistic - and a great night was had by all! The audience were pretty remarkable - and the music of the show transformed into a bona fide no holds barred Rock Concert. The atmosphere was electric. It was an incredible evening - simply Bear et al ROCKED DA HOUSE!

Since then I have been on set selecting acolyte members for extra mural Baltar activities! without much luck I hasten to add. And yes I can hardly believe it I'm 18 again tomorrow! All of this has happened before I can only hope it happens again.

Be good, Be careful, Take Care. Toast's to you all. Does the website have a birthday or anniversary? What's this - ten years from sex and chips... How lucky and exciting!

until the next time

Lots of Love James xxxxxxxxxxxx