22 Oct 2008 - 14:43h


ok -

dear all,

long time no write

despite being badgered by Janine about two weeks ago to write you you all (thank you j xx)

I have been trying to catch my breath!

we left canada on the 15th of august relocated to the u.k - in one place for two weeks then relocated again to a house rather than a flat that was easier to accommodate the family. Then I left for Atlanta and the phenomenon that is Dragoncon. simply. wild!!

arrived back in uk to do a spot for audi on their audi channel - got to drive this amazingly cool sports car up and down the motorway - What fun!

then a few days later left for Vancouver to film Merlin and the book of Beasts - with me as the titular magician.

we shot an epic 100+ page script in 15 days - with mostly (99%) one camera... let me tell you for those unfamiliar with the craft of making televisual entertainment - that is a huge, almost herculean undertaking.

everybody involved with this project - was outstandingly cool and committed and (so often overlooked) some of the friendliest - easiest and just plain down right good eggs with good vibes.

Actually they had to be because the schedule was to put it mildly -= punishing

20 hour days in the rain miles from anywhere - with a crew shifting a huge dolly and track round about several locations in the forest. The program will be mostly I would wager for teens - but the process was anything but child's play!

I am still recovering - genuinely.

I have yet to see a cut - but have every confidence in the crew and my fabulous director Warren - to make all the ends meet and patch up anything in need of stitching together...

3 weeks in Vancouver and I hardly saw anyone or anything of Vancouver - this time round...

then to l.a for a few meetings and now in France to celebrate my grandmother's birthday...

I will be "resting"(luv) till jan 09 at least

so I thought I'd blip in and say "Hail and well met!" - to all you muggles/lupines out there

more news - as it happens

love to you

be well and healthy and happy

james xxxx