20 Feb 2009 - 19.00h

Frak me!

Hey guys -

so sorry not to write b4 now. Time flies when you're stressed and exhausted and running between three continents!

Belated Healthy and Happy New Year - since it's nearly March!

Just arrived back in L.A - and have 5 secs to myself to pen you this note...

Last year set off for Delhi around Xmas - but returned on New Year's Eve to attend the wedding of one of my best friends - Shaun Dingwall (an amazing actor - and all round incredible guy!)

The wedding was fantastic -

then I went off to Switzerland to see my Parents - fell over skiing more times than I care to remember - arrived back in U.K - with massive black eye - . Can you believe I looked quite "Hard" in the british bovver boy kind of way? (well I did) - loved it!

Then Filmed a Pilot written by Howard Webster - who had contacted me 10 years earlier when I was making B.L - He'd finished translating his column to a screen play - it's called Meet Pursuit Delenge - and it's funny and gross as all frak!

Think if B.J'S DIARY was written by Withnail and I - then you have a rough idea of the genre - but it was a blast to film - with fantastic people - truly talented and committed (or shortly to be!)

so my news I've just found out I am to be awarded a Jules Verne Award for services to BSG and TV thereof - they're presenting it to me in Paris at the Jules Verne Film Festival - I am totally honoured and v.v.v.v excited - but that's in a months time or so -

Otherwise came stateside hier and had quite fab reception from Immigration Officer who was gracious enough to compliment me on my performance in BSG - and wished me luck with all endeavours - he really was sooo nice - and expedited my form in double time- I can't have been there for more than 5 minutes. Sensational! It was the best entry to the states. Ever!

Especially after an 11 hour flight watching Movie after movie after movie... no sleep...

so here for a while - off to Con in Fla next week -

great to see Janine @ starfury - had a ball there
( whenever it was - as now can't remember!!)

anyway - sorry sorry for being so tardy

be safe - be well - be good to each other (hey Jerry! Jerry!)

lots of love

James xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx