03/14/00 01:03:22 AM


Dear Rickie and Kate, et al (luckily for me too many of you to mention by name)

The site looks magnificent and I should have commented earlier...  so much work has obviously gone into this and I want you all to know that I really, really appreciate it...    Infact it's kind of unbelievable and very cool at the same time... 

Having just skimmed through a few messages, is it permissable for me to comment on one that struck me...? I think the fact that you all talk about issues, topics, whatever, that don't concern me is to be whole-heartedly encouraged...  as Rikkie suggests, if confined solely to matters concerning moi, there really wouldn't be all that much to talk about and I sincerely doubt many such surfers as myself would enjoy tuning in half so much if we couldn't find out what all of you are like...  if you know what I mean...   So I say, keep the chat alive...  whatever, it is the spreading of ideas that is constantly changing the world, in no matter how minute a fashion (let's hope for the better!).

Many, many thanks again