17/05/00 10:21 AM


The coincidense is unpresedented and a bit spooky.

Hi all and sorry I've been away so long. Beginner's Luck is shortly to be finished t.g. and I'm now quite happy with it, I suppose it's a slight cinematic offering, but my agent who has seen a rough cut is quite confident that we will sell it and not only that but secure a small theatrical (cinema) release.

Now on to the spookinessssssss!!!!

I have just been cast in the film of none other than Bridget Jones's Diary... but before you get too exited, I'm playing her best friend Tom... that's right the one who bats ever so convincingly for alter side, and filming started yesterday, seeing me (not quite sure if you will as was in back of shot mostly... again t.g) dancing my soul away with some enormous male escorts.... this one's certainly going to be a voyage of discovery, so I will be coming to a cinema near you, but probably not how you expected to see me, certainly I suspected nothing of the kind.... and I tune in to find at this strange point that BJD is already being discussed on the site... do do do do (twighlight zone theme tune, abbreviated)...

Listen I've got to go and film right now and will be filming on/off till end of July... will speak before then I am sure.... so adieu until anon,

Keep well, healthy and happy

love James xxxx