10/07/00 10:55 AM

I don't write, I don't ring...


What a mad sect you've created and perpetuated upon the unsuspecting net. I've been BJDing for quite some time but in effect am not so seminal to main story line, there is of course another storyline that is whipped up every day, impromptu like, by myself and the other delightful lesser mortals whom malign fate has called upon to be  B's "friends", as we sit in the spooky caravans and dream of one day getting onto the set, and perhaps (and I know this is crazy) that someone might make a mistake and we might actually end up in the film after all, but at the moment the caravan storyline isn't being shot.

To all intents and purposes have finished Beginner's Luck and feel like a jaded old hand. Waiting for agent's reply... but not holding my breath. Been to loads of weddings recently, which have kept the last 5 weekends busy and exhausting and soooo much to do that is soooo dull  i.e rent, tax, music publishing deals (for film) 5 thankyou letters, screenings to organize  and I just want to go to sleep for about a year.... preferably on a desert island.

But before i lapse too prosaical thanx for all the goss I've been reading the board with glee.... so until anon be healthy be happy and be lucky.....

love James xxxxx