Bridget Jones's Diary   

These are the first James pics from BJD that we could get hold of.  Thanks to Karen for sending them to us!  

Click on the thumbnails to get a full-size version.

Jude, Shazzer & Tom in Cafe

Jude, Shazzer & Tom in the Cafe


Shazzer, Jude & Tom in cab

Shazzer, Jude & Tom in cab


Tom, Bridge and Jude

Tom with Bridget & Jude


Blue soup?

Mark Darcy watches Tom eat blue soup


BLUE soup??

Tom struggles with his blue soup


Quick, pass me the chardonnay

"Nothing that a quick sip of wine won't cure"


Ah, that's better!

"Yep, definitely better than blue soup"



***Please do not use any of these pictures without our prior approval.***





1) Kindly sent to us by Karen
2) Taken from Attitude Magazine, April 2001 edition
3) A huge thank you to Karen's Belgian chum (and Karen for sending them)!