A Dinner Date with... James Callis

Sunday Mercury, 12 July 1998

Actor James Callis played Major Forrester in Soldier Soldier and is currently appearing in The Doctor's Dilemma at London's Almeida Theatre. James, 27, is engaged to his Indian fiancee Neha and lives in London.

You're hosting an imaginary dinner party. You can invite anyone, living or dead, to your house for one night.

Who would be on your invitation list and why? 
"On my list would be Cleopatra, Buddah, Joan of Arc, Rasputin, Marco Polo and Helen of Troy - which I think is a good mix."

What food would you serve?
"I was going to have a barbecue, but maybe that's not such a great idea for Joan. I think a buffet would be the best option."

Which music would you play?
"Mozart, Indian ragga and the flautist Hari Prasad."

Who would you have as the lackey in the kitchen to do the clearing up?
"Either a group of eunuchs, a bunch of critics or Miss World contestants, who would have grace and charm and beauty."

Which after-dinner joke would you tell?
"An old woman keeps hassling the police. Every night she rings them and says: `I want to report a man who keeps exposing himself. I can see him from my window and it's disgusting'.
But the police don't come round, so she rings them again, complaining: `He's still doing it. Come and see'.
After months of phone calls, the police finally give in, go to her window and look for the man.
`I can't see him,' said the officer. `No, you have to stand on the wardrobe', said the old lady."

And how would this compare to your real dinner parties?
"We don't have dinner parties, they are more like house parties. And they are never intimate or adult affairs."

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