Sadly, there are a lot of idiots out there who use automatic programmes to 'harvest' websites for anything that looks like an email address and then send tons of spam.

We got fed up with all the spam and in order to combat this, we've decided to play a little trick. Whether it will work or not remains to be seen, but basically we hope that by spelling out the email address, it will keep the spammers away. So: becomes joebloggs at somewhere dot com. Unfortunately, it does mean you'll have to type the full address into your email addressee line. Sorry. But it will hopefully help preserve our sanity.

So here goes:

calliswebsite at btopenworld dot com

Contacting James:

Unfortunately, although we have met James a few times and he does leave messages on the board, we are unable to forward messages to James. Our only suggestion is that you contact his agent. To our knowledge, his current agent is:

Alan Siegel
Alan Siegel Entertainment
345 North Maple Drive
Ste. 375
Beverly Hills,
CA 90210

Good luck!

James on Twitter:

As per a message from James from September 2009, James is currently NOT on Twitter.