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There are no other James Callis Websites that we know of, but below are a few links to other interesting sites.  See also on the filmography page for direct links to film sites.

Karen's Bridget Jones' Diary Page - This is a link to Karen's Colin Firth site which contains a page dedicated to Bridget Jones' Diary; Karen's doing a good job in keeping it updated with the latest news.

Battlestar Wiki - The Battlestar Wiki is an online encyclopedia, dictionary and episode guide for the new Battlestar Galactica series, and is a great, expanding resource for those who either watch the show in passing or are devout fans of it

Ragnar Anchorage - Battlestar Galactica website which also includes a forum.

Buddy TV - James's profile on BuddyTV and link to further Battlestar Galactica info.

Joseph McFadden Website - Official website for James' co-star in Sex, Chips & Rock'n'Roll, actor, singer, superstar and all round bloody nice chap.

Nick Cohen Website - Unofficial website for Nick Cohen, James's co-writer/director/producer (or something like that) for their joint film "Beginner's Luck".   Run by Liz (yes, our Liz).

AIDAN QUINN - The Ultimate Fan Site - Yes, yes, OK, so this has nothing to do with James at all, but this is Rikkie's other web site.

Internet Movie Database - provides information about pretty much every film there's ever been!

Sendit.com (formerly Blackstar) - UK based company selling videos, including S, C & Rock'n'Roll, The Scarlet Pimpernel and other films James has starred in.  Also provide a video search facility for titles that are not so easy to obtain.