About the Authors


Following James' impressive performance in Sex, Chips & Rock'n'Roll and the shocking discovery that there were no websites dedicated to this talented man, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a website that would serve as contact point for all things Callis. It was thus that one grey Monday afternoon on 4th October 1999 this website was born, with Kate as the researcher and Rikkie as the designer.

With the arrival of the pitter-patter of tiny feet - twice -, Kate had no more time for the site and her role was briefly taken over by Liz in October 2004. Liz on the other hand got so distracted by Viggo Mortensen's strange chin, that she was no use at all and her role was taken over by Janine (Jin) in April 2005. Jin's been part of the site's message board community almost since the beginning and has managed to keep us more up to date that we have, so it seems only right that she should be our Chief News Editor.

Our HTML knowledge continues to be limited but it'll have to do.  Between us we speak fluent Spanish, German, Swiss-German, English, French, Afrikaans and Jibberish, but no JavaScript, XML or DHTML.


Born in South Africa, Janine (Jin) moved to the UK when she was a teenager and lives on the EastEnders set (well, almost), that's when she's not camping outside film premieres or filmshoots whispering sweet nothings in Johnny Depp's ear (with emphasis on "nothings") or running around dressed as Doctor Spock at Sci Fi conventions (not really). She used to work in art, or something like that, but is now full-time mum to her little girl Ariel as well as full-time websurfer (she's a busy girl!). She is the site's researcher and news editor. Her passions include - in case you didn't get the hint earlier - Johnny Depp, winning competitions (she's quite good at that), trying (and failing) to drink Rikkie under the table, and chocolate.



Rikkie, an anglicised Hispano-Swiss mixture with a bit of an identity crisis lives in south-west(-ish) London (some people would call it Leafy Surrey but it is within the Greater London boundaries...), works from home as a freelance translator, and is the site's principal (i.e. only) designer. Her passions include Jesse Borrego, cinema and Duran Duran, as well as her cats (well, all cats really), The Sisters of Mercy & similar Goth bands (sorry, Mr Eldritch...), flamenco dancing, red wine, more red wine, late nights and guacamole.




Any suggestions, requests, comments etc. send us a message.

(and, no, we do not mean suggestions about face lifts or alternative hairstyles!)