3 March 2003 - 03:44am

Origin of name "Callis"

Dear all,

C'est moi still jobless in lala land.

Thought I'd blip by 2 put u on the straight and narrow

Yes Callis in many forms comes from Calais in France however my family are almost all exclusively Russian and Polish. Callis almost certainly was not my family name over 200 years ago. One branch of the family were called Zlychevski or Zolachoffski (no-one is quite sure) However I looked up the name in the Diaspora museum in Tel Aviv and Believe my name " Callis" actually comes from the Polish KALLISHT and means something like ... wait for it.... "Lime Picker" I kid u not! Sadly no aristocracy in these bones of mine. Most likely our genetic stock and surname 2 boot originate from the poorest and most menial of Polish/Russian peasant labourers. C'est la vie. Sorry 2 shatter the illussion but thought I'd tell u how it is.

Keep well all.

James xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx