Messages from James


A full collection of all messages James has left for the visitors of this site and the messageboard regulars in particular, starting with his first surprise visit to the messageboard barely 3 weeks after the last episode of Sex, Chips & Rock'n'Roll went out.


24 October 1999:

On James's first "official" visit to the messageboard, he talks about how touched he was to see a site dedicated to him and tells us about Jason & The Argonauts, a short film called Surety and what he really thinks of Soldier, Soldier...

11 November 1999:

Having returned from filming Jason in Turkey, he tells us about Beginners Luck, his upcoming trip to Zanzibar and his Christmas & New Year plans.

21 December 1999:

Just before heading off to Asia to celebrate the millennium, he left this message updating us on Zanzibar and taking his leave from his loyal fans until the next millenium.

7 February 2000:

The new year didn't start all that smoothly as James, after having his house burgled and his laptop stolen, manages to borrow someone else's computer to leave us a quick update.

13 March 2000:
"Out of sight..."

Still without his own laptop, he again managed to get hold of a computer and spend some time updating us on Beginners Luck (Cannes beckoning??) and the joys of dealing with insurance companies, as well as catching up on the messageboard.

13 March 2000
"Being ffing rude"

A message expressing his gratitude for the effort gone into the site (makes it all worthwhile!), and the messageboard in particular.

17 May 2000
"Bridget Jones is alive and kicking"

Here he tells us about his first cinema role having landed himself the role of Tom in Bridget Jones's Diary and the latest on Beginner's Luck.

10 July 2000
"I don't write, I don't ring..."

Read how he's getting on with BJD, Beginners Luck and weddings.

3 September 2000

A short update on Beginners Luck..

15 October 2000

Someone's suffering from the winter blues... but at least he's trying to keep fit by buying a new bicycle!  Also some info on a couple of new project's he's been involved in.

23 December 2000

James's Christmas Message including updates on BJD, Beginners Luck & Victoria & Albert.

12 March 2001
Beginner's Luck Screening!

Here James invites us to a London screening of Beginner's Luck and he tells us a tiny bit more about the film.

31 March 2001
"La Nouvelle!"

Bags of news, about Bridget Jones, the upcoming London & Dublin premiere and another Beginner's Luck screening.

25 April 2001

With Bridget Jones's Diary being yesterday's news, he tells us about his new project and the hardships of being an actor (it appears even other actors find it hard to separate acting and reality!), including a little bit about Hugh and Colin as well as Beginners Luck.

1 May 2001

A short message inviting the "lupines" to a screening of Beginners Luck in London on 8 May.

20 August 2001

News about Blue Dove, the meaning of "Lupines" and advise to wannabe starlets.

3 September 2001

Short update on Beginner's Luck.

8 September 2001
"Good News"

Great news about Beginner's Luck from a very upbeat sounding James, plus news about Blue Dove, his sister's wedding and auditions...

13 September 2001
"There are no words"

James's thoughts about the atrocities in New York and Washington of 11 September 2001.

9 October 2001

James sneaks to the editor's PC to write a few words whilst dubbing Blue Dove.

6 November 2001

Short message telling us about a screening for Beginners Luck..

19 November 2001

Post London Film Festival premiere of Beginners Luck, James tells us about his latest project as Spanish baddie in a Sky show called Relic Hunters.

10 February 2002
"Long time no surf"

Update on what he's been up to over Christmas and news about a possible UK cinematic release of Beginner's Luck..

28 Feburary 2002

Short update with date for Beginner's Luck.

13 June 2002
"Out of Orbit, Back in the Loop(ines)"

James is back from celebrating his birthday in NY (surely that didn't take 4 months?) and has some great news:  Beginner's Luck opens in London on June 21!  He also informs us of future plans & what he's been up to (apart from celebrating his birthday!),

8 July 2002
"Gordon Bennet"!

In response to our relentless pestering him to tell us about his mystery new role via the Messageboard, James left us a quick message before jetting of to warmer climates..

30 September 2002
"Tempus Fugit!"

Nearly 3 months on, Mr Callis re-emerges from the sunny shores of Malta, reluctantly as it seems, despite being forced to wear his hair in hideous fashion and a toga and sandals all day. Apart from when he was in the disco, or drinking vodka red bull, or having nice Maltese food, or sightseeing, or sunbathing, or waterskiing, or diving, or or or....

28 November 2002
New play!

News about a new theatre play called Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight.


8 February 2003
LA Man

He tells us he's in LA auditioning and what he was up to before then.


3 March 2003
Origin of "Callis"

In reply to a message on the board, James lets us all know where his name really originated from. He's obviously done his research!

28 March 2003
"Nannu Nannu"

James's trip to the other side of the pond lands him a job in a Sci Fi. Not too sure we like the idea of him playing yet another baddie though...

4 May 2003
"i can get no - SCIENCEFACTION!"

Nice long message as James 'blips' in during a trip to LA escaping the madness of an icehockey match in Vancouver. His planet's apparently just been blown up - he was obviously distracted by his giant co-actress.

10 November 2003
"Long time no surf"

The long silence has a good explanation: James has been busy learning how to be a dad! In this message James tells us about his little son, born recently, and gives us a brief update of what he's been up to since his last message.

14 January 2004
"The New Year"

News about James's appearance (as a ghost!) in Nick Cohen's dad's latest film and about Battlestar Galactica.

13 June 2004
"Lost in Space"

James reports from the set of Battlestar Galactica and about life in Vancouver in general.

18 October 2004
"Distant Climes"

Having finished filming Battlestar Galactica, James reports from the set of his latest film in India, "A Night with the King".

20 August 2005
"Nanoo Nanoo"

After a long absence, James "blips" in to tell us that he is a dad for the second time! Plus other news.

22 November 2005
"Longest time no surf"

Lots of news about recent ravels and his character in "A Night with the King".

13 May 2006
"That's what happens when you end up in an alternate reality"

James tells us about recent travels and what it's like to live on three continents.

24 November 2006
"Return from the dark side"

Short update on filming of Battlestar Galactica and life in Vancouver.

18 May 2007
"India Callising"

James posts a message from India where he's helping with a documentary and trying his hand at meditation.

2 June 2007

James replies to a message posted by a fan about having seen him on a flight (or something like that).

6 October 2007
"Out of touch"

James talks about what he's been up to and his plans for the future after a gentle nudge for a sign of life from Jin.

2 March 2008
"How long exactly??"

Belated New Year's greetings and updates on his work, travels and skiing in Canada and the upcoming Letterman show.

3 June 2008
"Birthday Greetings"

James tells us all about a nasty bout of foodpoisoning, his experience at the Letterman show and the Bear McCreary concert.

22 Oct 2008

Having relocated back from Vancouver to the UK with his family, James tells us about his latest project, Merlin and the Book of Beasts, in which he plays the titular Magician.

20 Feb 2009
"Frak me!"

Bridget Jones's Diary meets Withnail and I... James tells us all about his latest project, working on a pilot by Howard Webster, his black eye and the Jules Verne Award.

31 May 2009
"Not I"

James responds to questions as to whether the James Callis on Twitter is indeed him. Well, he isn't...

5 June 2009
"Happy birthday to me"

On his 28th birthday, James announces the latest addition to his family: a little sister called Anika for his and Neha's two sons, who arrived a few days before James's birthday.


24 September 2009
"Fan Mail"

James explains why some people have had to wait for an autograph for so long and gives a brief update on what's happening in his life at the moment.