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Welcome to the first ever webpage dedicated to the actor/director/writer James Callis.

Although this website is not endorsed by James or his agents, James does occasionally pop in and leave updates on the messageboard. These can also be read in our section Messages from James.

To read more about how this site came about and who is behind it, visit the About us section. We try our best to keep this site as up to date as possible, but since we do this purely on a voluntary basis and we both have lots of other interests and commitments, it is difficult to put it at the top of our priorities and we do apologise if you find sections which are out of date.

Please feel free to browse the site using the links on the left. If you have any contributions or suggestions, please contact us.

Jin & Rikkie
Website Co-Owners

Thank you very much to the numerous people who've contributed to this site so far - it wouldn't be what it is without your help! Click on icon below for James's profile at

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